We would like to welcome you to our much larger venue, the Haehn Campus Center of Saint Benedict’s College.

With that we have kept the same pricing model but also automated some of the registration process. We need everyone to register (and pay) so that we know how many tables to rent. If you show up and have not done so, we might not have tables for you.

If you need a booth, we will have to figure out sizing with the map. We have a larger venue so if you are a larger vendor, we can work with you.

$20 = Rented tables
$10 = Bring your own table
$7.50 / table for electricity (no sharing) LIMITED AVAILABILITY

$10 = Club Table (no sales). This is the price that we have to pay. (Please email

Tables at the door will be an additional $5 per table if we have available room / tables. 

Admission tickets = $9 before January 31st or $10 after

Buffet = $10 (all you can eat)

If you would like to present something during a breakout session, please email James Kantor at

Please fill out the registration form and we will send you a PayPal Invoice for the registration.